Is your vehicle pulling to the right or left? What happens if you let go of the steering wheel?

The direction your car maintains on the road depends on the stability of the front end, the proper wear of the vehicle tires and the overall alignment of the wheels.

Proper tire maintenance is very important. Tire failures, in recent events, can and have caused numerous fatal crashes. Keeping the vehicle tires properly inflated (tire pressure), rotation and balance every 5000 miles, proper wheel alignment and matched tires in pairs can help prevent such problems. Tires should be replaced if tread wear is uneven, bald spots and steel belts are showing, and/or if the tire(s) have become dry rotted and cracking.

Having your vehicle in alignment gives the car the stability to drive straight on the road. The misalignment of your vehicle’s steering and suspension, front or rear, can effect the stability of your vehicle and cause rapid and uneven tire wear. You should have an alignment checked after new tires are installed, having a collision, or is driven a lot on rough, bumpy roads especially with pot holes.

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