Keeping up with the maintenance of your car can be exhausting sometimes. However all areas of the vehicle need to be maintained in order to run properly.

Your car’s exhaust system is made to keep your car running quietly and control the emissions. The use of a muffler on your car is to quiet the noise from the engine.

The catalytic converter on your vehicle helps control the emission from your vehicle. A catalytic converter is made to last the life of your vehicle. If your converter has gone bad, something in the engine has made it go bad.   A clogged catalytic converter can also give you a loss of power in your vehicle.

Our experienced staff can help you quiet the noise under our car or help you make it roar.  Stop in and see us for a Free estimate on your exhaust system

Funny Exhaust Fact: The more you drive your car will prolong the life of your exhaust system. It will help keep the moisture out and from rusting faster.