Diagnostics & Engine Repair

What’s that noise coming from under my hood?

Come in for a Free diagnostics.* We will tell you what’s wrong and why your light is coming on or making that noise. We are prepared to hand the simple repairs to needing a new engine.

Check Engine: The average consumer’s biggest fear is their check engine light coming on. The check engine like can mean a lot of different things. Running a computer diagnostics can help ease the mind. The problem could be as simple as a bad O2 sensor or maybe your car was running when you fuel your car last time.

Service Engine Soon: On most cars is a reminder to help keep up with the maintenance of your car. It is your car talking to you and saying I need a check up. When was the last time you had a tune up? Keeping up with your car maintenance can pro long these lights from appearing. On some cars they are a reminder to have them checked. See the maintenance section.

Oil Light: This is letting you know you are low on engine oil. Have this checked immediately and oil added back to the correct level. Oil helps keep the engine parts running. Without adequate oil the engine will lock up.

*Note: running a diagnostic scan or a test drive is free. If the diagnostic requires disassembling under the hood to find the problem there is an additional cost.