Why Should I keep up with my car’s maintenance?

General maintenance of your car helps keep your car running longer without major problems.

Oil Change: Keeping the oil and filter changed every 3000 prevents your car’s engine from building sludge up inside of the engine. Helps with keeping all the moving parts of your engine moving freely, such as rocker arms, lifters, oil rings and also reduces oil burning out of the exhaust.

Tune up: Changing the spark plugs, wires helps insure your car will run at peak performance. All engine cylinders firing properly will make the car run efficiently.

Fuel Injection cleaning: Proper maintenance will ensure fuel injectors are properly spraying an adequate amount of fuel. This will help your fuel efficiency and safe money at the pump.

Transmission Flush and Fill: Keeping your transmission fluid and filter clean will prolong the life of your transmission and saving money on expensive repairs.

Tire Rotation and Balance: Tire rotation should be done every 5000 miles. Rotating your tires will allow the tech to perform visual inspections for uneven tire wear. Correcting the problem will allow you to get the most mileage out of your tires.